About The Bunny

By the river, 2012 Edition

By the river, 2012 Edition

The Snowy Bunny is:

An aspiring writer.
A frustrated singer.
A Wallflower.
And a fangirl.

A long-lost Airbender of the Eastern Air Temples.
A Cassiopeia.
An Inspirit.
A Shinhwa Changjo.
A Carat.
She also loves KANJANI8 and ONE OK ROCK.

But more importantly,
she’s a fan of life. She finds the greatest pleasures in serene mornings, sunny afternoons, and starry nights. A clear blue sky is more than enough to put a smile on her face, and the gentle caress of the mildly blowing wind is what convinces her that life is not as bad as it seems. And don’t forget life’s most brilliant gift to humanity, that which is the sound of music, then it’s all perfect.

By the river, 2014 Edition

By the river, 2014 Edition

She loves her family more than anything, however, at some point, she agrees with Stephen Chbosky about: “I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.”

If you say she’s scatterbrained, she most definitely will agree. In fact, she’s in a continuous quest of discovering what she wants in life.

She’s neither a bookworm nor a wordsmith. She’s really just a bunny who loves to tell stories.

And just until recently, she has started to come to understand and find beauty in what it means to be a vapor in the wind.

It’s a real struggle, to be honest. A constant battle with one’s self. But so long as you know where to keep your eyes on, where to draw your strength from, where to put your faith on, and where to find rest, which not a single parcel of this earth can ever get to offer, you will know it in your heart. It’s worth the struggle. 🙂 ❤

Love and peace to you,



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