Sleep well, our dear baby

Art by Zolan

Today a younger cousin of ours joined the angels in heaven… She was almost 7.

She was bright. She was playful. And she was always the sweetest whenever she tried to approach either my sister or I.

She was one of those baby cousins who took quite some time grasping the fact that her ates look so alike, she couldn’t tell who’s who. But she was soon able to get the hang of it.

At one point she even learned to take selfies using my phone.

More often than not, her soft ‘ate kambal’ call meant “let’s play,” but there were also times when they simply meant “I want to cuddle, this time with you.”

She was well-taken care of. Her cousins were always at her back, literally and figuratively. And we the older batch, and distant cousins, always added to the number of ates and kuyas who watched over her whenever we were at a get-together.

She was the little one you will always want to look after, because she was small and she was fragile, but was endearing.

I don’t understand.

She could have recovered… She could have gotten better… She could have woken up and given her mom another hug and kiss… Or hugs and kisses, I should say. And her aunts and cousins, another poke where it tickles most.

She could have achieved another set of good grades, which will surely make her dad proud. Her dad who’s currently away because he works abroad.

I still really don’t understand.

She was so young.

To our little girl Chloe…..

Please….. Help us pray to the Lord, that He may help us understand why things happen the way they do…..

And please….. Be sure to smile and laugh a lot with your fellow angels…..

We will never forget you….. Always remember us too, okay?

We love you.

But have fun now, our little one, because you will always be safe now.

So much love for you our dear angel,
Ate Janine


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