I love you, ma.

Yesterday (March 15) I saw the topic “Happy Mother’s Day” trending worldwide on Twitter. To be honest I found it weird, because as I remember, Mother’s Day is celebrated every May. But despite knowing that I still checked on Google to confirm, because who knows, it might have been proclaimed to be on March now. But then I was right. Mother’s Day is on May 10 this year.

Then I realized, isn’t it weirder that I had to confirm first whether it’s really Mother’s Day or not before I went along with the greetings? Isn’t every day supposedly a celebration of our mother’s life? Because as far as I know (and feel), they definitely deserve more than one day of recognition in each year. They deserve every day there is in a year in fact, because they never stop being our light and our guide in this journey we call “life.” They’re 24/7.


In my case, my mom is really my everything. She’s my steady ground. My love for this woman is simply overflowing.

In times when I act undeserving of understanding, love, and forgiveness, that’s when she gives me the strongest and the purest of love that I can ever feel. When I’m being difficult, that’s when she gives me the warmest and the tighest of hug I can ever receive. And when I’ve gone astray, that’s when she listens to me with a heart so calm and steady—filled with love so genuine—all for a child that needs her guidance.

Moms are truly amazing. Words will never be enough to describe the greatness they hold.

To my mom, I love you, mama. I really do. For all that I am now, it is all thanks to you.

Thank you for understanding every emotion I have, and thank you for accepting them.

I love you mama, and I thank Papa God for blessing me with a mama like you. 🙂

Yep, clingy bunny mode is on and I couldn’t really care. Remember, it’s always better to be expressive of I love you’s than be sorry later on for not being able to say it at all.

Love and peace to you,



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