Good thing Jin Akanishi went solo

Don’t get me wrong. I love KAT-TUN and they are, in fact, the reason why I am a fangirl. But before I share with you my sentiments on why I think it’s good that the group’s original ‘A’ went solo, let me give you a wordy overview on how my journey with these men started.

Members Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin led us to knowing KAT-TUN.

My sister and I first saw them in the 2005 Japanese drama Gokusen 2 as Odagiri Ryu and Yabuki Hayato (respectively). They became our favorites among the cast but we didn’t learn of their group until four months after.

In July 2007 we stumbled upon the Japanese music show ‘Music Station’ on Animax and there we saw familiar faces, faces—which I think—we went cray over a few months back. They were in a group, the group’s name is KAT-TUN, and the song they were promoting then was Yorokobi no Uta (Song of Happiness).

Odagiri’s face was, supposedly, easier to remember because of its distinct structure. But surprisingly, despite the fact that Yabuki gained weight, I still recognized him first because of his oh-so-well-defined jawline, which I really love.

After that fateful encounter we learned the basics: KAT-TUN is composed of K-amenashi Kazuya, A-kanishi Jin, T-aguchi Junnosuke, T-anaka Koki, U-eda Tatsuya, and N-akamaru Yuichi; they are talents trained and managed by one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Japan, Johnny’s Entertainment (JE), and they’ve been very popular since 2002.

And then fast forward to eight years later; a lot of things happened.

Jin, the very first man I loved as a fangirl, decided to leave KAT-TUN and start a career as a solo artist in 2010.

Many fans were, of course, not pleased with Jin’s decision. But since my sister and I already encountered a devastating “group split” with TVXQ! in 2009, we just went with reality and accepted the fact that KAT-TUN’s original ‘A’ left the group.

Three years later, the group faced another controversy when member Tanaka Koki was suddenly removed from the group by JE.

Since then KAT-TUN has become a four-member band.

Jin Akanishi, the solo artist

To be honest I haven’t been actively following Jin since he went solo. But I still do know a few of his works and these include:


Disclaimer: Clearly I am not in the position to be technical about this. I also don’t intend to be. My opinion is purely based on sentiments that I acquired after seeing and hearing some of the fruits of his labor. But anyway…

Jin really did us proud with ‘Hey What’s Up’.

The man was obviously trying his hands on a ragged-looking fashion and style (see image below), but the music he produced… it was summer sunshine.

Jin Akanishi looking ragged (and still attractive, nevertheless). || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

Up until this day, Bakanishi still never fails to amuse me because, as usual, no matter how much he tries to be badass, it’s still his rainbow-like, adorable nature that shows in his works.

Now why was it a “good thing” again that Jin went solo?

Simple. Going solo allowed him to spread his wings and share more of what he has to offer. And my best reference for this would be ‘Hey What’s Up’ because it displayed not only Jin’s feel-good sound, but it also helped the world see that there is this side to Japan, particularly to Tokyo. The Japanese people know how to have this kind of fun and they’re quite good at it.

And as a music lover myself, biases aside, I thank Jin for writing and composing this song and for producing the music video exactly the way he did. Because whenever I feel like listening to some really ‘warm and fuzzy’ songs, or watching something that can make me feel infinite, I have ‘Hey What’s Up’ to turn to.

All in all I guess what I’ve been trying to say is I love the artist he has become. He wouldn’t have reached this far if he wasn’t brave enough to defy the current back then. For me, it was really a good thing that he did, went solo that is.

A/N: None of the images used in this post are mine. Also, you might agree or disagree with me about this post, but please know that I do not intend to push this opinion down anyone’s throat. Every thought in here is purely mine and mine alone, and it’s totally fine if no one will agree with it or even appreciate it. But if you reached this far on the post, thanks for reading. 🙂

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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