Movie recommendation: The Thieves

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m someone who can sit with any drama genre, the same goes for movies. While I’m more into slice of life and coming of age genres, I also enjoy action, crime, suspense, and thriller, and that is the reason why I am writing this post about the 2012 blockbuster Korean heist film, 도둑들 or The Thieves.

I have to be honest with you. The reason why I explored this movie was because of…

Kim Soohyun and Jeon Jihyun for The Thieves || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

But after finishing the film, I couldn’t find in my heart the urge to spazz over Zampano (Kim Soohyun) and Yenicall (Jeon Jihyun) alone. Why? Because The Thieves is such an awesome piece of art, it will be a complete insult if its spectators will focus on just one aspect of the picture.

The Thieves Poster || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

The Thieves is a movie that will take your breath away for many reasons. One, the way it was done was so realistic, before you know it, you’re already lost within the world of thieves who steal even from one another. Two, the actors were excellent. They were lost in their own characters. Three, though action-filled, the story also contained that heart-clenching fact that even people who live a dangerous life fall in love too. Not just with the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter), but with their families, their friends, and also with the thought that they could trust their comrades because they share the same truth, that they are all thieves. And along with this fact is also the truth that no matter what kind of person you are, when you realize that the people you put your trust into have every intention of wasting and disregarding it, you will hurt. The Thieves had all that.

More than the awesome play of camera frames and display of mad action skills, what gave me the “umf” in this movie was its emotionally-stirring story.

The Thieves in Macau. || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

A love that waits and forgives, hatred sugarcoated with words of feigned friendship, a heart that yearns to live a normal life, a soul that can abandon all for the sake of personal gain, and an innocent affection that puts long years of love to shame because it knew of selflessness and sacrifice — The Thieves is all about that, and a couple more that I didn’t mention anymore.

So again I say, see the movie for yourself. I bet you will not regret watching it. Apart from the intoxicating dose of the Kim Soohyun-Jeon Jihyun tandem you will get (if you’re a fan), you will acquire so much more from this film. Don’t miss it, The Thieves is a nice experience.

Oh and while I’m on it, allow me to say this: I think I’m more in love with Zampano than with any of the other characters Kim Soohyun has portrayed (even Do Minjoon seonsaengnim).

Zampano, the wire puller (correct me if I’m wrong though). || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

You know you want to see it.

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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