The 2C’s I love about ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

It might be a little too early to be making this post about 별에서 온 그대 (Byeoreseo on geudae / You Who Came From the Stars), but insert “sarreh” Cheon Songyi-style here, I can’t keep my feels anymore. I have to do this.

I am not picky when it comes to dramas. I can sit with anything, even with crappy ones. But along with my sitting are comments that definitely irritate the ears of the people who watch those dramas with me. This has been pretty much the case with all the dramas I’ve watched in the past months. But when You Who Came From the Stars came, my “comments” vanished. More like, they were replaced by giggles, smiles, and words of admiration, which I couldn’t help but utter (while watching) because I really am in complete awe of this drama.

So what are the 2C’s that I love about You Who Came From the Stars?

Number 1. Its Casting.

You Who Came From the Stars cast and director|| (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

I only have a few words: the casting of this drama is brilliant.

Kim Soohyun during You Who Came From the Stars first script reading. || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

Kim Soohyun is definitely doing a great job in portraying the extraterrestrial character of Do Minjoon. If it isn’t for his acting, this drama would’ve been a major failure. Of course the acting of the rest of the cast matters, but he is the main point. The man who came from the stars. He approached the stoic character oh-so-well that all our beliefs are suspended, no?

Jeon Jihyun during You Who Came From the Stars first script reading. || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

The same goes for the Jeon Jihyun. Who doesn’t know what this beautiful woman is capable of doing? She’s the best pick for Cheon Songyi. Recently, the acting approach of most lead girls in Korean dramas has been monotonous. That’s why it’s a breath of fresh air to watch Jeon Jihyun. Weird to be saying this about a veteran though, but I hope she does more TV dramas in the future (if possible, a few more with Kim Soohyun).

Do Minjoon and Cheon Songyi (You Who Came From the Stars poster) || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

And I’m not missing their chemistry. I’m shipping Do Minjoon and Cheon Songyi so hard because I can see and feel the attraction and affection that they have for each other. I’m lost in their universe, and not every couple in a Korean drama can do that. The last pair that made me fall in love with their love was Cha Daewoong and Miho of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. But it seems, Do Minjoon and Cheon Songyi has topped my favorite-drama-couple list now.

Lee Jaekyung || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

I have to hand it to Shin Sungrok as well. I adored him when he did Three Dads, One Mom. He was SO funny in that drama but man, he scares the hell out of me in this one. Mad acting skills. Hats off to him.

I actually love every member of the cast of this drama because they’re truly doing an awesome job in portraying their characters. The beautiful outcome of this drama is definitely a collective effort, but I’m giving these three (above) a special mention because they are my top three favorites. But hey, Lee Ilhwa-nim surprised me too. I first saw her in Reply 1997 as Sung Siwon’s mom and if you’ve watched that, you’ll know how sick her acting skills is, too.

Anyway now we go to the second C.

Number 2. Its Consistency.

You Who Came From the Stars poster || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

The personality of the characters are well-maintained. The story line has been very consistent, not to mention it’s on the 12th episode already. And the shots and editing are so great it creates a consistently good mood for the drama. And the most important thing of all, the conflicts are well-thought-of. What more can I say?

Most of the Korean dramas I’ve watched in the past, they all swam in an ocean of conflicts. Some managed to address and solve those conflicts, but most of them, they got lost in the maze. In my opinion, you shouldn’t put a conflict that you don’t plan or don’t know how to solve in the first place. But with You Who Came From the Stars, the conflicts are very focused and they all matter in the story. They are the things that are making the story run, they are not mere displays that can be easily eliminated along the way when shoved off by one character or another element in the drama. And for the production staff of this drama to pull this off? They must be a very, very awesome bunch. Respects to each and every one of them.

You might think that I’m over-exaggerating, but if you still haven’t, why don’t you see the drama for yourself and see if you’ll like it the same way I do? There are still eight episodes to go, so who knows if there will be a segue way somewhere. But so far, 12 episodes, I can only say good stuff about the entire series. If you agree or disagree, feel free to express your thoughts on the comment box below. I’d be happy to discuss this drama with you.

Jeon Jihyun and Kim Soohyun filming You Who Came From the Stars. || (Disclaimer: I do not own this photo.)

I tell you, I’m really head over heels in love with Do Minjoon and Cheon Songyi right now. It’s becoming a disease, to be honest.

P.S. (I can’t wait for the next episodes).

[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used in this entry.]

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


4 thoughts on “The 2C’s I love about ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

  1. I coudn’t agree more. I’ve already watch all of it and I feel the same as you. I love actors of this story.They’re so good at express their feeling and the story line is very interesting. I have to thanks them for their work hard. It such an awesome story!!

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading and for commenting on this entry. 🙂

      Byeol Geudae is the first ever Korean drama that I watched while still airing and boy, I do not regret that I did, at all. I was very satisfied with the ending. Though I thought the full potential of Jaekyung’s character was not realized, I’m really happy with the entire story and how the conflicts were addressed. 🙂 I miss it already! Will probably watch it again when I’m not busy with work. 🙂

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