Sweetest birthday gift ever

Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever
Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever

I have no words to express how touched and overwhelmed I am by this very wonderful birthday gift that I received from one of the sweetest persons I know. All I can say is, thank you very much, love. You know who you are. I’m really thankful that we met and that we are friends, even just through Twitter. I dream and wish to accomplish the things we put in our #BucketListWith one another. Please stay nice, and sweet, and great, and lovely, and everything that you are now. If you’re ever going to change, only for the better ok! Thank you again and keep safe my love. I wish you all the best.

So much love and peace to you my dear,


3 thoughts on “Sweetest birthday gift ever

  1. I’m crying, you know. No one has ever appreciated something I’ve made so much.
    And while I was making this, I was very nervous because I didn’t know if you’d like it. But, you liked it and that means so much to me.
    Me too, me too. Our #BucketList should be acomplished one day, in some little hole of this big wide world, we will someday be able to meet, and do all of these amazing and thrilling things together. I wish you happiness and joy and health and every lovely thing in the world.

    Love, Grissel

    1. I was actually moved to tears when I saw your greeting and the drawing you made. Whenever I look at your gift, I see how much effort and thoughts and love went into that and that really makes me go “awww” every single time. I still can’t believe that someone, other than my sister, will actually exert so much effort in making something this nice for me. I appreciate everything, from the time you spent creating this, to all the energy you used, and EVERYTHING!

      I love you Grissel, I really do. For the nth time, thank you very much. T_T

      Hugs you xx

      1. Wow, you’re such a sweetheart ;;
        I cannot, I mean, I really did not know what to expect, because I’m always, like, doing things to show my love for people who never really care about me (I’m not talking about the boys or famous people xD), and then you say all those things, and relaly genuinely appreciate what I did, and I feel overwhelme. And I think you’re one of the most greatest and sincere friends I’ve had. THANK YOUU SO MUCH.

        And, please, believe it, because you are worth this and a million of great things more. ❤

        love you,


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