On the SME Merging with (insert company name here) issue

Greetings! Here’s a little digest that I wrote regarding the SME-merging-with-different-agencies issue. This topic has been going on for a while now (ever since the merge between SM C&C and Woollim Ent. was announced), and so are the hate comments. But before we hate, why don’t we try to digest first what this entire merging thing could really mean?

Please take note, however, that I first published this note on my Tumblr account. Don’t accuse me of plagiarism okay! Thank you. 🙂


Disclaimer: The writer of this whatever-you-can-call-it piece is just a mere fan of the entertainment agencies involved in the issue. She does not think of herself as an expert, and she is just posting this reflection in order to share some enlightenment with her fellow fans. (Yep, the writer is me, The Snowy Bunny).

I only have two points to share. The first one is, if SM Entertainment aims for SM C&C to become as big as record labels like Universal Music GroupSony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, does it not make sense for them to merge with the entertainment agencies that have been named so far? (The only one confirmed as of the moment is Woollim Ent: INFINITE-Tasty-Nell, but the other targeted agencies are: J. Tune Camp: MBLAQStarship Entertainment: Sistar, and WM Entertainment: B1A4). Of course for SM C&C to become the next big thing in the music distribution scene, it has to have big artists under its label, no?

And that’s from where the second point originates; SM C&C will be in charge of the music distribution of these agencies. This does not necessarily mean that SM C&C (or SM Entertainment for that matter) will be involved in the production of album and comeback concepts for the artists of the entertainments they have just merged with.

Was Woollim Ent. not independent in managing its artists the entire time it was affiliated with LOEN Entertainment? It was, right? That is why it made perfect sense to me when all the articles written about this merging issue indicated that Woollim Ent. will remain independent and that SME has no say on the music and album concepts that Woollim Ent. will establish for its artists. Woollim Ent. simply switched from LOEN Entertainment to SM C&C.

The reason why I’m trying to point this out is because I’ve been reading a lot of hate comments on SME. I have nothing against the hate comments as I understand very well where my fellow fans are coming from. But if we are going to hate, we might as well hate for a sensible reason right? In layman’s term, SME will definitely earn more because INFINITE, Tasty, and Nell are now somehow under its nest. And that’s what I really hate about this merging issue. But I don’t curse on SME for planning to ruin or even touch INFINITE, Tasty, and Nell’s musicality, because if this entire interpretation of mine is correct, they are not going to do that in the first place.

Correct me if I’m wrong but, it seems like some of us are still confused about this merging issue. None of the artists in the agencies mentioned will be handled by SM Entertainment. SM C&C will just do the distribution of their music, and take that as, it’s just SME expanding its company, not its list of managed artists. INFINITE, Tasty, and Nell will remain with Woollim Ent., and so will MBLAQ with J. Tune Camp, SISTAR with Starship Entertainment, and B1A4 with WM Entertainment (if their company’s merging with SM happens in the future).

And by the way, regarding the Woollim Ent. artists-joining-SM Town Concerts issue, does this not seem familiar to any of you? Isn’t this how the A-Nation of Avex Trax actually work? It brings together artists from different agencies in one big music festival. The common ground of these artists? They are under the record label Avex Trax in Japan. TVXQ! and 2NE1 for example, they have both performed for A-Nation. But did their performances change anything? TVXQ! remained an SM artist right? And so did 2NE1 as a YG artist. I’m not saying though that this is really what’s going to happen to SM Town Concerts. I’m just raising the possibility.

Anyway, these are all just my interpretation. I don’t intend to shove it down anyone’s throat, and more importantly, I’m not saying that all these are correct. I could be wrong or inaccurate or whatever, but yeah, I just wanted to share it. If you have a different take on these stuff, feel free to comment or argue but please, no bashing and hating.

And one more thing, can we leave the artists out of the bloody talks please? Their companies decide on this issue, they don’t. What help does it bring when we compare SM artists with the Woollim Ent. ones? Does comparison and bashing help at all? And does it even make sense to compare?

That’s all, thank you.

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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