BigEast’s “In Our Time” project for Tohoshinki

This was BigEast’s “In Our Time” project for the third day of Tohoshinki’s Time concert at Tokyo Dome (06-17-2013). It looks overwhelming doesn’t it? Though this isn’t the first time that BigEast (the name of Tohoshinki’s official fan club in Japan) did a special light stick project for Tohoshinki, I still get overwhelmed and touched every single time they do something like this. I guess it really takes Japanese cooperation and discipline to pull off a project as big as this one. But I’m not losing hope. I’m not losing hope that when it’s finally our turn (Manila) to welcome and join TVXQ! in a concert, we can do something like this too. As a fan, I also dream to be able to convey our love, support, and admiration for the two boys through special projects like BigEast’s. I’m pretty sure Changmin and Yunho were overwhelmed by this project too. Such a beautiful expression of love.

A shot of Tokyo Dome from the audiences’ point of view. || (Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.)


Thank you, BigEast ♥

[Credits: SM Town on Facebook, TVXQ Home, and _瑪尼].

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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