Late bloomer, as always

INFINITE is a group which I’ve known since their debut but only got to notice and like during their Paradise era. Back in college, my friends and I used to lunch out a lot at this Korean restaurant called Santorini which is just right beside our university, and that’s where I saw one Paradise stage of INFINITE. I thought their dance routine looked really cool and quite unique for a group that debuted past 2009 (when the idol group influx began). So, the moment I got home that same day, my sis and I searched for INFINITE videos on YouTube, then we spotted this:

and, the rest was history. We didn’t become active followers right away despite the fact that we went all ASDFGHJKL over their amazing BTD, Be Mine, Nothing’s Over, and all that. But what made me like this group at first is the way how their videos are done. They’re nothing like the rest of the idol populace in South Korea. They shoot in real places and not in studios *ahem SME*. Also, their music has this different, very refreshing sound to it. They really stand out.

However, when the group’s The Chaser MV was released, we had issues with the members’ hairstyles so we failed to feel the hype over their new song. Obviously we were clueless back then how these guys are behind the cam so please forgive our newbie ignorance <(_ _)>. Anyway, fast forward — January 19, 2013, the Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert happened and BOOM, the next weeks that followed were all about us watching Ranking King and all of INFINITE’s other appearances that we could watch online.

And now, here goes my whatever-you-can-call-this about the members:

김성규 (Kim Sunggyu)

Kim Sunggyu
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

김성규 really seemed like the nice-guy-next-door type of guy in their Paradise dance practice video. But surprisingly, he’s blunt, tactless, and anything that a nice guy isn’t (LOL). I love how lazy and proud this guy can get, but I totally melted when I saw his fondness of kids (referring to the Ambition King episode of Ranking King). Though my sis and I label him as a “disgrace among leaders of South Korean Idol groups”, you know we don’t mean it the negative way, lol. It’s like our term of endearment for this 24-year-old 할아버지 (^^)v

장동우 (Jang Dongwoo)

Jang Dongwoo
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

동우 may not have the conventional Idol face we’re all used to, but man, this boy is a pocketful of sunshine. His politeness and honesty are something you wouldn’t expect of an idol, but 장동우 is just all about that. I love how he’s so natural about everything he does, no pretensions at all. Love you 동우야!

남우현 (Nam Woohyun) a.k.a. Nam Grease (lol)

Nam Woohyun 2
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

I find this 남자 and his lunatic self totally captivating (lol). He was my very first bias in INFINITE, then I switched to Gyujiji, and now he’s pulling me back (exactly like the way how 정윤호 owned me in Wrong Number). While everyone’s trying to look good in front of the camera,  우현 will — consistently — slightly tilt his head up, hang his mouth open, and wiggle his arms like a true-blue lunatic (lol), and that’s why I love him. But once he starts dancing and hitting high notes like it’s the easiest thing to do on Earth, woah. Woah. Stay awesome, greasy, and lovely 우현아!

이호원 (Lee Howon) a.k.a. 호야

Lee Howon
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

호야 has got to be the cutest of them all. I was totally surprised, as in caught off guard, when I learned that he’s nothing like the fierce dancer with a well-toned body he is on stage. Despite his sharp facial features, 호야 is definitely the most adorable, soft-hearted member of the group. He reminds me a lot of (JYJ) 김준수’s cuteness and innocence. Oh and his 에구머니나, 아이고! 너무 귀여워요!!!

이성열 (Lee Seongyeol)

Lee Seongyeol
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

성열, who I’d rather call choding, is definitely the sexiest member of INFINITE and I’m not even talking about the face. Of all the Idol groups and members I know, he is the manliest I’ve encountered so far. His loose personality and shameless guts is what’s convincing me that this 남자 is as straight as a ruler. However, his dorky self is what I find scary too. I wonder how this guy is when he’s serious or angry, will he even pay attention? But you didn’t really need to know that. Anyway, 성열 is a happy pill that I’d love to watch whenever I have the time to do so.

김명수 (Kim Myungsoo) a.k.a. L

Kim Myungsoo
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

명수’s face is really wow in person. I think both videos and pictures aren’t doing his beautiful face justice, to be quite honest. Anyway, though L usually projects himself as someone mature and clingy (literally), what I see in him is the 21-year-old boy he is. I love how almost anything can make him laugh, and when his butt gets lazy, lol, his precious young side shows. He also reminds me of a good college friend. They don’t look alike, but the way they speak, their actions, you’d be surprised how similar they are when you get to see my 친구 (;

이성종 (Lee Seongjung)

Lee Sungjong 2
Kim Myungsoo owns this picture.

Can you imagine how challenging it was to choose just one image of this picture-perfect guy?! (Whew, good thing L has this amajjing picture of the fierce maknae, kekeke). Anyway, I have to say that 성종 is the most physically-attractive member for me. I was taken aback by his gorgeous face and built in person. I was expecting to see a skinny milky white guy on stage during the DKFC, but he came out stronger and bigger than that. Though he’s soft-spoken, when he starts dancing, all his girly attributes vanish in thin air. Stay hot and awesome dear maknae, please never stop making us drool (kekeke).

Anyway, so much for my thoughts about the members, getting back. I’m not someone who easily claims that I’m a fan of a group unless I know them oh-so-well that I can tell which part of their bodies have moles or something. But having grown and somehow matured over the years, I’ve learned and realized that being a true fan isn’t about knowing every single detail there is about the group you’re following. It’s wider and deeper than that. It doesn’t matter whether you know the name of their pets or not, as long as you admire and love them genuinely, you have the right to call yourself a fan. Also, another piece of advice, don’t let anyone else intimidate you in the fandom where you’re living in. No one else has the right to judge the kind of fan you are, unless of course you’re one of the crazy unreasonable type. Don’t be pressured by the amount of information you need to know. Just love the group you’re fan girling/boying over. Don’t engage in arguments too. None of us knows better. So just chill and enjoy what the idols are bringing on the table for us. Let’s not put their hard work to waste by engaging in nonsensical fan wars, wokies?!

Sorry this post is so scattered, I’ve actually been having bad cases of headaches lately. I just can’t keep my feels for INFINITE that’s why I’m typing despite the head pain (keke). Anyways, I’m so glad my sis and I are getting to know more about INFINITE. I don’t see myself exiting this circle anytime soon, so I guess hello more INFINITE music, appearances, and candid adorable moments! Keep me entertained loves.

Infinite 1
Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

[Disclaimer: None of the images I used are mine.]

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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