The 01-19-13 Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert experience

To start with, my sis and I weren’t supposed to watch the Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert because we didn’t prepare financially for the tix. If AI back in September 2012 was due to lack of resources, this time was by choice because we are preparing for something bigger which I think will come in what…three months time? Anyway, since there were too many ticket promos happening online days before the concert, we tried joining as many as we can to see if one of those giveaways is actually meant for us. 

For two days, my sis submitted entries to different promos. We joined Ms. Happee’s promo on Facebook, Manila Hotel’s, SeoulFM’s, and PhilStar’s too.  The whole time she was on it, I kept reminding her not to get her hopes too high as there are thousands out there who are joining and who are just as deserving to win the prizes. But thankfully, we won one — Philippine Star’s pair of SVIP tickets raffled the night before the concert.

Dream KPOP Fantasy SVIP Tickets c/o Philippine Star

It was a last minute change-of-weekend-plans but really, it didn’t matter anymore that I only had less than four hours of sleep though I know my body needed 10 or more cos hello, we’re gonna be partying to Tahiti, Tasty, U-KISSINFINITE, EXO, and Girls’ Generation’s live performances later that day!

And so, January 19 started early for us. My sis and I together with two of my college classmates went to NAIA Terminal 2 in the morning to welcome Girls’ Generation in the Philippines. Their arrival was originally 11AM but their flight got delayed so they arrived 2PM instead. When we realized they weren’t arriving anytime soon, we headed to PhilStar’s office to claim our tix, then we spent about three hours at Manila Hotel to wait for the girls. We were about to leave at 4PM since there were still no signs of GG and it’s already late. But a couple of minutes past four, around three or four vans in convoy arrived at the hotel and went straight to the back parking lot. We knew then it was them. My friend who’s a die-hard GG fan realized they were passing by the pool side back entrance, so we wasted no time and went there straight to see if we’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Girls’ Generation. It was really a good thing that we did because we didn’t just get a glimpse of GG, we really saw them, as in right before our eyes only that they were in an elevated passage. But the path was open so we really did have a good view of the girls.

Seohyun and Sooyoung during Girls' Generation's 130119 arrival at Manila Hotel.
Seohyun and Sooyoung during Girls’ Generation’s 130119 arrival at Manila Hotel.

The whole time we were staring at them, I couldn’t help but hyperventilate because they’re nothing like the other Korean girl groups I’ve seen. They’re literally like walking dolls, and their complexion and slim built are no joke! No wonder boys from all over the world are going cray over GG! Yoona looked and smiled back at my friend when he called her. She’s really nice. Sooyoung too, when my friend called her, she even bent a little forward to look for the fan boy who shouted her name. When she saw where the fan was, she smiled back and bowed. Such a lovely girl! We left Manila Hotel spazzing like mad because it really felt like we saw walking mannequins back there!

Anyway fast forward, at the concert grounds, we lined up for about an hour before we were let in. It wasn’t crowded at our side of the stage so we really had plenty of space for ourselves during the concert. The first to perform was a Star Records artist called Mike Chan. He sang a lot of Maroon 5 songs, one Paramore, and an original. I didn’t realize it was Caleb Santos who was backing him up in the vocals until he mentioned. The dude is blond now. Anyways, the next to perform was a cover group (a really big one cos they had more than 10 members) and they danced to different Korean songs, DBSK’s Mirotic included! (Chanted my heart out during this! lol)

The first KPOP act in the line up was INFINITE. (Please excuse the crappy photo quality, we used our phone to get all these, BB Curve 8520).

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert - INFINITE
Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert – INFINITE

When they came out on stage, the crowd went wild. It took me quite a while to distinguish who’s who on stage cos they looked kind of different in person. L was really HOT. His face is WOW, but he seemed quite snub (at least for me). Sungyeol was exactly like the boyfriend-material-looking idol I had in mind. His height is <3. Leader Sunggyu didn’t stand out much and he didn’t speak much too. Hoya and Dongwoo did most of the adlibs, especially when the tech went crappy (tech booth was fucked up). Woohyun was crack, he kept interacting with fans and Sungjong homg HE’S GORGEOUS like ASDFGHJKL!!! I felt really bad for them because Be Mine was cut during the dance’s climax. Tech was really fail. Really hoping that didn’t give them a bad impression about the Philippines ):

Tasty came on stage next.


Audio was still failing till their performances, but they managed since they knew how to adlib. I know none of their songs but I really did enjoy their stage. They’re worthy of their name to be quite honest (lol).

U-KISS was next.


KISEOP grew even hotter! When I first saw him in 2010 (I think), he made my jaw drop. But now, he’s completely destroyed it. Dang that boy. When the members went for a round on stage, Kevin reached out to a number of fans — proud I was one of those. I managed to feel his hand, but Kiseop who was walking behind him sprayed water on us so I backed off right away. Haha! Anyway, the group really seemed at home the whole time they were on stage (both during the performances and interview). I enjoyed all their dances because Kiseop looked damn good in all of those! U-KISS is definitely a group I can’t disregard, especially when they’re dancing.

During Tahiti’s stage, I wanted to sit down and rest my legs for a while. But then I thought that will really seem rude since we’re right in front of the stage. It might make them feel that we’re not enjoying their performances, so I stood up, cheered, and even swayed to a number of their songs. Even sang to Wanna Be! (:


Before their stage ended, one member cried, and the crowd went all awww. We endlessly waved and made heart signs for them since we felt that they enjoyed their time with us. Till next time girls ❤

When the VTR for EXO played, my sis and our friend Hazel who’s also an SVIP ticket holder felt scared for our lives because we knew that there’ll be a lot of running in our area once the boys come out. And that was exactly what happened.


When EXO-K came out for MAMA, oh dear Jae, even I wasn’t able to hold my screams. Jong-in was ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL!!! He smiled a lot during their performances and that really filled my stomach with butterflies flying in an extra wild manner (lol). Tao was unexpectedly charismatic in person, despite his super little eyes. Baekhyun is such a good singer. Chen’s face is really beautiful! Xiumin was playful. Suho looked like Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, but way younger. Kris was very leader-like and his English, damn. Chanyeol was creepier in person! As how my sis would put it (lol) but he’s an attractive creeper alright. D.O. looked like a sweetheart, didn’t recognize Luhan cos of his hair. Sehun is so milky white in person and Lay, homg, nobody warned me about this guy. How can he be so…..damn hot like that. But still, Jong-in made my night with his MAMA, Angel, and History dance moves! ANGEL ESPECIALLY. CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF HIM (OH DEAR JAE THE FEELS)! The group’s rendition of Open Arms was \m/ and Hawak Kamay was really sweet! Their Tagalog sounded legit, and it was nothing but overwhelming to hear a Korean group as big as EXO to sing a Tagalog song for their fans. YOU NAILED IT SME.

During gaps, I kept myself busy by stretching my already worn out legs. I didn’t notice it was already late when Girls’ Generation came out.

Girls' Generation

Though the lights were still off when they went up on stage, Yoona kept waving at fans. They first performed Genie, and after that, I wasn’t able to keep track of their setlist anymore. But they sang Gee, Dancing Queen, Hoot, The Boys, and I Got A Boy from their latest album.  Hyoyeon spent her every second waving and smiling at fans during gaps (she’s so sweet), Sooyoung too. Jessica and Taeyeon  were obviously not amused with the sound system. While they were performing Dancing Queen (I think), I saw Jessica signal the people at the tech booth to do something about her mic. Though they (Sica and Taeng) displayed quite a bad mood on stage, I couldn’t really blame them as the sound system was really crappy and no performer would love to have their songs and performances murdered by such incompetence. Yuri also waved at fans from time to time, but I think she was trying to concentrate on the performances that’s why she didn’t look at fans who were calling her much. Sunny was super cute and lovely! Seohyun looked quite plain, her mic didn’t work well too so I guess she was just as disappointed as Sica and Taeng were. Tiffany was the most accommodating as she speaks English best. And Yoona, oh boy this girl! Her energy all throughout their stage was off the chart. No wonder why so many love this girl! Despite the technical problems, she still gave it her best. I must say I’m an admirer now!

Though there were too many technical failures during the concert, Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert is still worth all the spazz as after all, it brought together six Korean groups and fandoms in one night. I hope the artists enjoyed the event as much as we did, and I’m also hoping that our country will perform better in events like this next time. Anyway, if it wasn’t for Philippine Star, our Saturday night would have been spent on an endless sulk. My sis and I are truly grateful for this wonderful experience they’ve given us. We were set to let the concert pass, but PhilStar came along and poof! January 19 became one of the most memorable nights of our fan girl life (: One of the most memorable, indeed.

(L-R) Our friend Hazel, my sister Nel, and I.
(L-R) Our friend Hazel, my twin sister Nel, and I.

Thank you very much and more power to the rest of the Philippine Star!

See friends? Raffles are really worth the try (;

(A/N: Concert photos were taken by my sis and our group pic was taken by Hazel. Featured image is from Sparkling Magazine.)

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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    1. I just have a feeling that one of my fandom (either JYJ or TVXQ) is coming to Manila soon. Nothing’s confirmed though, but I’m still preparing so as not to cram when something really gets confirmed along the way (:

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