Why you should save

As many may not be aware, I’m really a big fan of American Idol’s previous season (season 11), especially of this 20-year-old guy called Colton Dixon. And so, now what?

Earlier this year, I learned that the Top 10 Finalists (all of which are very much dear to me as I have eventually become a fan of each of them because of the great music they offered during the competition) will be coming to the Manila for a concert. But just now, as I am typing this, I have also found out through updates that they will also be doing an album signing in different malls around the metro. And hooorrraaay! I’m broke.

I’m trying to ask for my mom’s assistance in this but it really is kind of out of our budget so…..it’s as good as “no can do” for me. I might really start sobbing anytime soon because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I’m not so sure whether I can set foot in the U.S. or not, and I don’t really have plans and means as of now so this is pretty much like my only hope to get a glimpse of this guy I’ve been going cray over since their AI days. But oh yes, it can be unfortunate sometimes. No concert tix, no album signing xp. If only I saved enough for this week of September.

Colton Dixon in Manila || © orangemagazinetv.com

Yes, this is it for me )’:

Oh well, lesson learned, keep the money in your piggy bank! And keep it deep down! Savings put somewhere so accessible is a big NO NO. It always goes wrong when you do that.

I guess I’ll just really start sobbing now. Adiós!

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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