Xia’s Uncommitted music video review

From The Beginning to Uncommitted, it cannot be denied that Junsu’s English diction has truly come a long way. Sure there were a number of phrases that are difficult to understand in his new single, but when you give the song a second go, you will definitely come to hear that Junsu is singing clearer English now compared to their previous attempts. Another worth-celebrating, as a fan, is the fact that such a beautiful contemporary English song was entrusted to our Xia. What I loved about Uncommitted upon hearing it the first time is its gentle melody and the occasional heavy techno beat that goes with it. I have to commend the lyrics too as it offers an entire story, it does not merely display a random play of rhymes (which is quite a trend not just among western but KPOP songs too). The best part though is still Junsu’s interpretation of the song. I extremely love how he was able to convey the hurtful feeling of being accused as an “uncommitted” guy. I honestly think he did great in that.

Anyway, going to the music video (MV), my sister and I have dreamed of seeing one from Dong Bang Shin Ki (or JYJ for that matter) do this kind of westernized MV for the longest time. Since the frustration Ayyy Girl MV brought,  we drafted concepts of MVs in our minds which we think will work better not just for the boys of JYJ but for their songs as well. But unfortunately they have not done any again after Ayyy Girl, it’s already Junsu’s Uncommitted that came next;

The only thing that I found distracting in this MV was the foggy surface of the screen all throughout. I had troubles seeing the faces of Junsu and the models clearly. But since that’s how the director did it, I will just appreciate it that way. Anyway other than this concern, I pretty much loved the rest of it. The shots managed to make me feel how is it like to be around Junsu in flesh, while the tint there is in every scenario blended well with the emotion that is being conveyed by the song (at least for me). And among all the frames there were, I liked this part best because I saw how typical the action was;

My favorite part in the Uncommitted MV.

Having watched all their music videos as Dong Bang Shin Ki and JYJ, there was not a single frame in those videos that gave off the same aura as this. Of course I do understand that it is the nature of the stories in those MVs that made them a whole lot different, but this exact scene somewhat got me excited and giddy as it was able to showcase the normal boyfriend material side of Junsu (gawd I’d die to have someone like you Junsu-yah). But actually more than the technicalities, what I am much eager to write about right now is my own interpretation of the story there is in the music video (and the song, perhaps).

The first sequence focused on the blue-haired Junsu and the blonde model Stefanie Uncles being the sweet couple:

As the actions suggest, it was the character portrayed by Stefanie Uncles who accused Junsu of being unfaithful and uncommitted, therefore it is to her that the song is being sung. The blue hair which Junsu had in those scenes with Stefanie, as I see it, it symbolizes the change Junsu imposed on himself in the name of love. Indeed he was promiscuous, but that was just all in the past. As the line in the second stanza says “she said she could never trust a player like me, but baby that was part of my history“, the weight of the word “history” cannot be neglected as it attests to his claim that he is no longer the player he used to be. He gave his all in trying to be the best man he can be for his new love, however the girl could not seem to see through that. It is the girl from the past, played by Nicole Soper, who appears to know and understand best how the man in Junsu is;

When compared to the scenes with Stefanie, the Junsu with Nicole was seen clubbing, dancing like a bad ass, throwing away money and drinking liquors while partying to his heart’s content. Nicole the whole time was beside him, looking just fine with whatever her man is doing. While with Stefanie, they were mainly inside a loft (which I believe is shared by them), and Junsu was acting sweet and different, more like changed — he obviously gave it all up for Stefanie. In most scenes, Nicole had this expression on her face;

…and this says a lot for me. She literally looked like she was waiting for something to come, but she had no idea which direction that something will be coming from. The deeper meaning this kind of tells me is that, she loves Junsu for who he is. She has no false hopes. She knows exactly what Junsu can be for her, and what she can expect of him. She never saw the player in Junsu as she knows that even though the man loves doing the promiscuous things he does, he is never one to hurt another. I really feel for SU in this song and music video as it is apparent that he genuinely tried to be that someone who will fit exactly the ideal Stefanie has in her mind.

But of course, life does not work that way. Just as how others would put it, it takes two to tango. Being unable to accept and love your partner for who he or she really is is the worst thing you can do when in a relationship. Romantic and perfect love should not be the sole basis of your feelings, because once the romance runs out, what will come next? You can never find happiness if throughout the whole relationship you are expecting and requiring your partner to be someone he or she is not. Do not be caught up in that painting that is far from reality. Another thing that the character of Stefanie lacked is complete trust in the character of SU, and that is what the character of Nicole perfectly had. Without solid trust in your partner, you will never have confidence in your relationship. The character of Stefanie was blinded with her own doubts, and just exactly like how Junsu said “something was messing with her psychology.”

As I have mentioned earlier, I feel hurt in behalf of the man singing this song because he is viewed by the one he wholeheartedly loves as someone he is completely not. She insists that he is not ready for the real thing, that he will be unfaithful, that he is not the right type, that he is only good for one night, and that he cannot be committed. Of course he will not get it, simply because he is a man who is so dedicated, who is so determined in making things work, who even changed himself to be the perfect match for her, who loves with all his heart and who is just so committed…that’s why I will understand if he will never admit it. Being uncommitted that is. How can she miss on that?

And since the music video ended with this scene of Junsu and Nicole;

…I take it as the man ended up with the one who loves him for who he is. At first I took it as Junsu ended up with “the other girl“, but as it seems, there was never “another girl“, there were just the “past love” and the “new love“.  But apparently in life, new does not always mean better.

If this truly is the case of the story, then I’d jump in joy for the man because he deserves someone who will accept his entirety. And that someone, in return, deserves the very committed and loving man he sincerely is. These are all just my own interpretation though, I am not imposing that they are the only truth. As this music video is an artistic expression, similar to any art forms, it can be interpreted in every way possible. This happened to be mine, and I just felt like sharing it with whoever will be able and will be willing to read this (: If ever you really read it, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoyed my little review (:

To be honest, I did not expect that I will love it this much. Xia’s Uncommitted that is. Congratulations SU bebe for doing great in this single! I know a lot of good things are still to come as you deserve them all. Never stop being the hard-working innocent dolphin that you are. We are just here, right behind you. We will continue to support you, your music and your hard work. We love you! Thank you for everything. Xoxo! (=

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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