So apparently I’ve been missing a big part of my “Japanese-music-fan” life as I’ve only discovered this Japanese rock band whose rock music doesn’t sound so Japanese but still sounds so. freaking. good. I’m talking about ONE OK ROCK.

You’ve heard of them? If you haven’t, well now you do.

My sister was swimming through Tumblr themes when we fatefully came across one account that has this song playing in the background:

I was totally clueless that the band playing was Japanese. When the lead vocalist suddenly started singing in Japanese my sister and I went asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl… It was endless spazz until I said step aside and let me blog.

I mentioned in a previous entry (about Japanese music as well) that I have the tendency to fall seriously mad in love with a voice. Yes, even if I don’t see the singer I can go crazy over a singing voice. And, well, here it goes again.

This time though it’s a whole package. It’s not just the voice that’s making me tingle but the whole band. The heavy music of ONE OK ROCK is so to my liking.

And so, what came after the first encounter? GOOGLE. And YouTube.

It’s quite surprising to learn that this voice, which my sister described as born-to-sing-rock-songs, actually belongs to a certain Takahiro Morita who, before joining ONE OK ROCK band, was a JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) trainee and was supposed to debut with NEWS.

Anyway, the band’s name comes from one o’clock, as in the time (1 o’clock). According to their Wikipedia page, that’s the time when they usually practice when they still haven’t debuted. If you’re a Japanese culture enthusiast there’s no need to elaborate anymore as to how it turned into ONE OK ROCK, right?

As of now, we’re yet to discover all their songs. They still have a few as they only debuted in 2007. But I am confident they have tons of good ones in store for their listeners. Here is another song driving my sister and I asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl…

This one was released just three days ago, August 14, 2012, and it’s the official theme for the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie.

I suggest you play it and listen to the bridge part forever. LOL.

We’ve only learned of this band but, damn, the way they do their music, their music videos, everything, I’m sure we’re bound to be stuck with them in a loop. As I’ve previously said lyrics isn’t our priority anymore when listening to Japanese music, simply because they have this magic in their melodies that makes you feel that you understand them even if you really don’t.

ONE OK ROCK is bad ass in doing that.

The emotions in their songs, they’re overflowing and too much to handle. I don’t know if you’ll agree but if you listen to them you might get a gist of what I’m saying and why I’m saying all these.

Life is young. There’s another addition to our playlist. I can’t get any happier. The way how I feel about ONE OK ROCK’s music, I can’t put into words just yet. I’m still overwhelmed. I love everything, the voice, the English and the Japanese diction, the strings, the heavy beat, the entire melody, the harmony—OH.EM.GEE.

The Japanese music that I love so much is being expressed in such a way that’s so familiar. I feel so at home. They’re obviously offering a new flavor as a Japanese rock band and I love the spice! I’m in love. I’m really in love. It’s bringing in some unbelievable amount of romance in my life right now. I love it. I just love it!

Anyway for something substantial you can check out their official YouTube account ONEOKROCKchannel, they’re on Facebook too; ONE OK ROCK. If you’re an avid Japanese music fan like me and haven’t heard of this group yet, it’s about time you check them out! They’re worth the try! TRUST. ME. 

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


One thought on “IT’S ONE OK ROCK DUDE

  1. Well, you have felt what i feel now lately.
    They are so fuckin’ amazing band .
    All of things in the band is so wonderful
    i can’t stop listening their song .
    They have a good pronounciation in English . The first time, i listened their music, i thought they were western band.
    But taraaaa they are japanesse and they are the best 🙂 )

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