Proud Of Tom Daley

Tom Daley with his bronze Olympic medal

I am so proud of Tom Daley for bagging the bronze medal in the men’s Olympic 10m Platform Diving category. From the rank of 15 with a score of 448.45 in the preliminary, he bounced to 4TH place in the semifinal with 521.10 points, and conclusively, ended the match with a bang as he scored 556.95, making him the third highest pointer out of the 12 divers in the final round.

My sister and I eagerly tracked real time updates of the competition for two days. I was not able to watch live the prelims and semifinal as they were not aired, but the semifinal was eventually aired on a delayed telecast dawn of August 12. The final however was aired live at 4AM, just right after the semifinal (yeah baby). Damn, I was giddy the entire time I was watching the six rounds of the finals. When Tom scored highest in the fifth round, oh this is victory! I’m totally rooting for the Brit divers!

As I always say, though I am not Brit, there is nothing much to feel and say other than I am so proud of these divers. I felt like diving with them when this happened;

Team GB Divers celebrating Tom’s victory.

There’s this funny macro circulating in Twitter too, made me fall in love more with the Brits (: x

London 2012 Olympics meme

Anyway, I know this boy still has a lot of victories to celebrate in the future. He’s one hell of a consistently good diver and he’s only 18. Certainly, the road ahead of him is packed with triumphs, I see nothing less. From London 2012 and on, allow me Tom (also Chris and Jack) to join you in your journey towards your careers’ glory days.

I love you three amigos! More power Team Great Britain! (:

[Photo credits: BBC + Edwin Jongejans + London 2012 + Telegraph]

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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