The Olympians I’m getting fond of

It was in the dawn of August 7 (August 6 in London) when a good friend of mine and my sister saw by accident the live telecast of the London 2012 men’s Olympic 3m Springboard Diving on TV5. Whilst the country was being a temporary container to the abnormal heavy rain and floods pouring on us, we were kind of taking our time out watching real time updates of the Olympics (brought to us of course by TV5 Network). We did not intend to watch the 3m Springboard Diving for long though, it just so happened that we eventually got sucked into the scoring and breath-taking leaps the divers did.

Personally, I was not rooting for anyone as our country had no representative in that particular sport. I was getting along fine with simply admiring the delegates each foreign country has. China was leading of course, there were two of them performing well. Then the Russian who, in the end, bagged the gold medal in that category. But as the viewing went on, the inevitable happened (lol). My attention was then caught in  a tight corner by this Brit diver who goes by the name;

Chris Mears

There were two Brits diving as well, one was Chris, and the other was Jack Laugher. It would be hypocrisy talking in my behalf if I say that it was not their physical splendor that attracted me, of course it was. But though I did not declare my admiration with the two souls I was viewing the competition with, never did my eyes lose track of them (Chris and Jack). I took note of Chris’ name, I did not of Jack. Anyway he instantly appeared alongside Chris when I started doing a research on him online. I was ultimately surprised when I learned that those two British divers are younger than me. Tag Thomas (popularly known as Tom Daley) along, and that makes three of them. There were three younger ones out there who were having the time of their lives as Olympians, and there I was, 20, bumming for four months now and until who knows when.

Anyway, we were not able to finish the live telecast of the 3m Springboard Diving because thunders and lightning suddenly popped up nonstop in the skies. So we switched to watching the anime “Another” instead. I had fun, truthfully.  But then, it slipped through my grip. I mean the chance of seeing the 100.70 dive of Chris in the final round of the 3m Springboard Diving. Sure there are gifs;

Chris Mears scoring 100.70 during the Finals of Olympic 3m Springboard Diving (London 2012).

But it would have been a million times better if I was able to witness it real time. His fans know very well how much he’s dreamed of being able to dive in front of a home crowd, and that 100.70 dive just came in a perfect timing. Though I’m not Brit, I felt so damn proud of this boy the moment I learned he scored that much. What made me even more proud is the fact that he has totally conquered this sport which almost took his life three years ago.

Chris has almost lost it all to a ruptured spleen which he acquired after contending in a diving competition in Australia dated January of 2009. As reported in The Independent online publication, it was in the next day after the competition that he suddenly collapsed during breakfast and was rushed to the hospital. He lost five pints of blood in the course of the surgery, afterwards he suffered a seven-hour seizure and was in comma for three days. He was given a five percent chance of surviving back then. His parents were moved to tears (of joy) three years after as their son brought pride to London by placing 9TH in the finals of the men’s Olympic 3m Springboard Diving (where he initially ranked 48TH). Indeed, he has conquered this sport that almost took his life.

Chris Mears during the Olympic 3m Springboard Diving.

I have only been following this athlete for a week, but even so, whenever I see his tender smile brought about by his love for diving (and his diving buddies), I cannot help but smile along with them. An article in The Sun online publication says “Mears is a miracle.” Sure, he is. It has only been three years since that almost fatal diving accident he had, but here he is now, more than being back on track, he has made everyone proud. If I was in his situation, it might have been impossible for me to stand before a springboard or a platform again, maybe even a swimming pool for that matter. But Chris here, he is still totally performing with his all. He is even on the go for a step up. I’m really so damn proud, even if I am just a new fan.

I am new to Diving sports as well. I’m clueless about the rules, the scoring, the dive that is wow and that is not. But I believe that from here and on, I will be exploring it. Thanks to this miracle that is Chris Mears. I wish to see and hear more from him, from Jack,and from Tom (who’s currently diving for Great Britain in the 10m Platform Diving as I am typing this). I wish to see all three of you in the RIO 2016 (: It’s still four years away, but I’m already excited. I have become a total fan, that I am so sure of.

But lastly and more importantly, what I really wanted to blurb about in this entry is the fact that I was inspired by these young ones. Chris is 19, Tom is 18 and Jack is 17.

L-R: Jack Laugher (17), Tom Daley (18) and Chris Mears (19)

Judging merely from their built, it truly shows that they have invested so much of their time on training to become the fit athletes that they are now (making girls and even boys drool over their bulks). And judging from their status as divers, it utterly speaks of the lifetime they have spent on preparing to turn into the Olympians that they have finally become. To be true & blue Olympians at such a tender age, I just cannot seem to regulate the admiration I have come to have for all of them. From here and on, I will be watching over these three as much as I can (:

And yes, I’m keenly hoping to see you again in RIO 2016 (: I wish you all the best, and love lots from the Philippines! (: xx

I love it when they goof around by the way.

[Photo credits: Chris Mears + ifeeldisick + funnyusername + athena1006]

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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