The cheerful Cassiopeia I once was (and still am)

I can’t thank Changmin and Yunho enough for all that they have done for “Dong Bang Shin Ki.”

If all five of them filed the lawsuit against SM Entertainment, no one will be left to protect the 8-year-old name, reputation and music of TVXQ. If all five of them left, we will hear not a single song of TVXQ and Tohoshinki ever again. That’s why I thank Changmin and Yunho for protecting those aspects of TVXQ.

I also thank JYJ for fighting for their rights as artists and as human beings.

Many might not see things the way I do, but in my point of view, all five of them maybe fighting for different things right now, but they are still doing it as one; JYJ fighting for their freedom, Changmin and Yunho fighting for their music. Splitting in two for a while might be the best way to do these things; there’s one who’s moving forward, there’s one who’s nurturing the things they want to move forward with.

I no longer feel the bitterness I have felt some three years ago. I’m just glad that our boys are able to cope with all that has happened, and are still happening. Though I continue to pray for reconciliation, I also pay effort in appreciating the things they are doing now for us, Cassiopeia.

We are one of the major reasons why they are continuing the fight, let us not give them a reason to feel that what they are fighting for does not exist anymore. They are holding on to our faith in them, that is why we have to strengthen all the faith we have. By they, I mean 준수,  유천, 재중, 창민 and 윤호.

All five of them are still fighting, not just three, not just two. We are undivided. Always Keep The Faith (:


This was a message I composed almost a year ago (August 3, 2011). Back then, the situation was still a bit complicated (as compared to the “now”), that is why I did my best to come up with these cheerful thoughts. I do not, however, insist that my point of view is correct. This is just how I see the fandom where I operate in. Definitely, there are stories behind all these matters that none of us, Cassiopeia, will ever know, unless people who are directly involve will unveil them to the observing public.

Anyway, it may not seem like it (because I barely update myself about JYJ and TVXQ these days), but this cheerful Cassiopeia that I once was — it is still the same old Cassiopeia that I am, even now. I may not be as dramatic as the younger Cassiopeia that I used to be, but I am still that Cassiopeia who is waiting, hoping and praying that someday (preferably soon), our five boys will reunite again. Also, despite all the mind-grueling arguments and wars there had been in our circle, I still deem this Pearl Red Ocean as the best fandom where I can ever be.


WE are 카시오페아, and WE are still standing here.

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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