I was there…(Part 2)

– Continuation –

It’s too early to conclude this post on a March. I have to say the next three months of my 18th year on earth are no less fun than the awesome three months that had passed.

When the last week of March came, I was getting alarmed ‘coz we had to accomplish a 3-unit course in the coming summertime. We can and have to apply on our own in any company (as interns); as long as the line of work to do is in sync with our major Communication Arts. My classmates landed their respective “jobs” as early as March, some February. And I…I enjoyed the vacation until the last week of April.

★ April 2011 

I had too many prospects, I tried out in Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management Inc., PolyEast Records, Becca Music Inc., Ideal Minds, Viva Entertainment and Net 25. But none of them needed an intern, well PolyEast did, but I wasn’t able to follow up my application anymore. I also had an interview at Creative Juice Manila, but I didn’t pass. I was clueless in Advertising back then, I was too desperate I even entertained the thought of trying it out in Adver. But surprise, surprise~ It didn’t work.

Anyway, Holy Week passed by. It was only on the 26th of April that I finally decided, maybe I should do a “walk-in” on-the-job training (OJT) hunting instead of just e-mailing HR Heads of companies — and so I did, on the 27th. I had this list of company addresses where I’d drop my resume for application; I first went to Net 25 TV Network because it’s the nearest. Then my mom and I went to ABS-CBN right after Net 25, but we didn’t get entertained there since we had to have an appointment with whoever so we can enter the building. We then went to Ortigas, Center in Pasig to do more OJT hunting for me. So to Antel Global we went straight. A company where mom used to work is in there so she’s familiar with the building.  When we arrived, I left her at the ground floor so she can have a nice talk and catching up with her former colleagues; then I went up to the 16th floor. I was applying at Pulp Magazine / Live Productions. When I entered, I was told to just leave my resume by the front desk and when I got my “thank you” I assumed that meant I can leave already. I was starting to get disappointed since it seems I’ll still have to roam around the center for more applications. But a second just before I was to take my leave, one employee suddenly turned to look at my direction and then she asked if I’m applying for internship. I answered right away and then…I’m starting my on-the-job training the next day

with Pulp Live Productions

at Ortigas Center.

Mind the arrow [:

I couldn’t believe it myself. I never thought the day would come when I’ll go to this place alone, for workeveryday. When I was younger we used to live somewhere quite far from the metro, so it’s really a once-in-a-year chance that we get to go to this Ortigas Center. But yeah, summer, OJT, everyday, there. Okay that’s awesome.

April 29 was Pulp Summer Slam 2011: Resurrection. I’ve been hearing a lot of its advertisements on the radio, and I never thought I’d ever get to see one (I mean the actual Slam). It’s an annual concert produced by Pulp by the way. Some 25 or more local bands play, and then around three international bands are the climax of the event. We were assigned to be by the 5th gate of the venue if I remember it right, and that’s where the artist’s entrance was. Okay~ artists. Bands. I used to listen to some of them back in high school and damn, I’m seeing them. I’m working with them. /foreverflailingoverthisday

One band came after another; good thing we were allowed to take pictures with them.

With Aya of Imago
With Jay of Kamikazee
With Gabby of Urbandub
With Franco of Franco
With Shelby of Parokya ni Edgar

I fell for him when he did this (it was totally hot);

With Mr. Bones of Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

But I went mad when this happened;



I don’t really remember everything in detail because it’s been nine months since this happened, but damn, I still remember how that palm felt against my back. :”> He seemed shy when we took this picture (was he really?) and that made the experience even more scream-worthy. I’m not a big fan of Chicosci, but I’m really fantasizing over this young man beside me.

The Slam actually consumed my whole April 29 and the morning of my April 30. Though I’m not into hardcore, metal rock and all genres like that, I really enjoyed the experience. It was AWESOME.

★ May 2011 

After the Pulp Summer Slam, the production then got busy for another concert and this time, it’s all about Mr. Big. Just how lucky can I get? I grew up listening to their song “To Be With You”. That’s their only song I know, but damn, I really loved it back in high school. And I still do up to this day. But wait, before Mr. Big, something BIGGER actually happened to my twitter life.

Someone tweeted me “hello~^^*”

This happened May 04, 2011. Such a very special day, indeed.

I swear I had never felt my hands so cold my entire life. It’s just “hello” but hello! I’ve been a KIM EUGENE fan for six years! And then one random day I see her username in my mention box, did you read that? MY MENTION BOX. As in a tweet for me straight from what her fingers typed! Wouldn’t I be more abnormal if I didn’t react the way I did that night? I could have died in happiness back there.

– The Mr. Big Fan Meet at SM North EDSA Sky Dome –

May 09, 2011 — I saw them at the Sky Dome. I didn’t get to hear them play, but seeing them was good enough. During this, we were outside the venue handling flyers to passers by; flyers for that one big event that made my June 2011 the best among the rest.

I also got the chance to have a picture with Mrs. Happee Sy-Go that night [:

It is just now that I’m realizing how star-studded my 2011 summer was.

– The Press Release in The Philippine Star –

Party with 2NE1 at the Big Dome; published May 22, 2011. Sunday.

The press release was written by yours truly. I wrote it May 13 at the office. I prayed hard for it to be picked up. BIG SURPRISE; it was picked up. It was published. It was in The Philippine Star. And thousands of people could have read what I wrote (well it was written for that purpose anyway), but I couldn’t believe it. Did I really? Okay. Awesome.

★ June 2011 

Of course, June. How can I forget this time of the year? I’ve been told it will come. But I never thought it will really come. I mean June 04. As in The Party.

Have I mentioned? Pulp was bringing 2NE1 to Manila on June 4. I’m gonna be working for a 2NE1 concert? I’ve had those thoughts since April. My acquaintances and fandom friends were getting excited for me, but since I couldn’t picture myself being part of a 2NE1 concert, I didn’t anticipate the event much. I was looking forward to it, yes. But I didn’t get my hopes too high. I didn’t expect much ‘coz who knows what might happen? Circumstances come, and you’ll never know if it’s the good or the bad one that is on the way. So keep calm, and accomplish the 200 hours requirement for this (I’ve almost forgotten it is) OJT.

The last week of May came. And so did the works for 2NE1’s The Party concert in Manila. Pulp had this dance contest at Ali Mall on the 29th of May. Many fan girls, and boys, joined the contest. Their efforts paid off, many of them won tickets for the concert, some were even given press con passes. How lucky are they? Very. One Saturday, we also went to different malls (during a C.N. Blue album launch) to do some flyering. It was fun. I even made an announcement in behalf of Pulp Live Productions. Bragging rights was plenty for me back then. Ooops, feet on the ground Nin, NOW.

– June 03, 2011 – 

I was instructed to be at the Hotel at 10AM. The girls and the YG staff were to arrive sometime past 11. From there on, it will be a three-day-two-night-stay at the InterContinental Hotel Manila in Makati with 2NE1.

Ze Hotel;

When I arrived, we had to put some fan gifts inside each girl’s room. Yes, they are given one room each. Lucky, eh? And their rooms looked like this;

Being in a hotel is already overwhelming, how much more if you know you’re gonna be staying in there with 2NE1?! We were checked in the same floor, of course, and Boum’s room was the one nearest to ours. I still remember their hotel room numbers clearly (=^~^=)

Before they arrived, we were able to put foods inside each member’s and staff’s room. There were Korean foods and there were foods from Jollibee too (Dara’s favorite) — all from their awesome fans. They’re owners of the WeLoveDara group too, I mean the fans we arranged the foods with. [: Shortly after arranging everything upstairs, we were informed that they are on their way to the hotel already. Okay, this is it. For real. And so they arrived. I was in awe. Dara was the very first member I saw and I was surprised to see that she isn’t that tall in person! Even Boum! BUT DAMN, THEY ALL LOOK UNREAL. Especially BOUM. She looks like a life-size walking doll! Minzy is adorable and fresh and young and CL, wow. CL is WOW. She emits nothing but swag. A really good swag. Leader undeniable, crazy unpredictable, yo CL~! You blew me away~

Dara went to CL’s room right after she unpacked her things, I think. She just kept walking around visiting rooms that’s why I see her a lot. Before they left for rehearsal, the three of them (CL, Dara and Minzy) stayed for quite long by the floor’s lobby. They were waiting for Boum. I think Boum was getting her make-up done, that’s why it took her several minutes to come out. I walked pass by them from time to time to check on our room if there’s something that we needed to do. I had to keep in mind that I’m in there for work and not for anything else. When they went down, fans went crazy. They ran after the girls. But the security was good, so it didn’t burden any of 2NE1. Boum forgot her handy phone in her room, so Apple (Ms. Happee’s sister) and I had to get it and bring it downstairs to give it to the translator who will give it to Boum once they arrive at Araneta Coliseum. They were out for how many hours, six or eight? I don’t remember anymore. But what I recall clearly is when I was left alone in the room (‘coz the other Pulp employees had stuff to work on for the concert the next day) and then I got a call informing me that one artist is going back early to the hotel, and she’s on the way already.


Who was it?

CL came with one manager. I fetched them by the elevator, then we rode in the same elevator together. CL, one YG manager, a bouncer and I — there were only the four of us. Until now, I regret the fact that I didn’t say anything to ChaeRin during that elevator ride. The manager then left, so it was only me and CL and some bouncers who were left at the hotel. I should have offered her assistance if ever she needed anything. But the chance was perfectly wasted.

– June 04, 2011 –

The big day. Where do I start? I loved it when we were already in our Pulp shirts. But before we changed into the uniform, we were sent to Glorietta to buy something for the girls.

How do you say no to Sandara Park? Or more like, can you?

Handwritten note by 2NE1’s Dara

When the press conference started after lunch, everything just happened one after another. Different media came, celebrities, Paolo Valenciano was there with his girl friend. Quark Henares was there too. Korina Sanchez for TV Patrol, Iya for ASAP All Access. Janine for MYX. Giselle Sanchez as host together with ate Kring. Yep! Ate Kring was there too. Can you tell how ecstatic I was back then? [:

When the press conference concluded, the girls moved in to another hall in the hotel where the interviews for different TV shows will be done. There wasn’t much work to do so I got the chance to take pictures of them;

And a picture with ate Kring too! (:

After all the works we had to do during and after the press con, we went to Araneta via MRT around 6PM. It was a damn suffocating ride, I swear. And we had to run to Araneta once we got down the train.

When we arrived, the backstage was already crowded with stars (the front acts). And the best encounter I had was this;

♥ I love our heights together ♥

So, the concert happened. They had an after party at Bubba Gump. Some fans were able to follow ‘coz Minzy tweeted where we were. While we were eating at Bubba Gump, Yael Yuzon of Spongecola passed by. He knew the bouncers we were with; so there was “hi” and “hello” with Yael during the Bubba Gump after party with 2NE1. Star-studded night is star-studded. Need I say more? Later that night, when we came back to the hotel, Ms. Lisa Jo, YG’s International Relations Manager (I think?) stayed in our room for some minutes to tell and share with us her thoughts on how surprising and overwhelming the crowd was earlier at Araneta. She was touched. And Dara’s smiles~ priceless. She left to party with her SCQ friends that night by the way. Through this experience I realized, the night is always young for Sandara Park. :>

The next morning, sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to 2NE1. Though I barely got the chance to talk to any of them, it was still saddening to see that we have to send them off already. Time flew too fast.

As I was showering for the last time at the hotel, someone suddenly knocked non-stop at our room’s door. So I had to hasten. When I opened the door, it was one of the bouncers telling us (me since I was the only one there) that CL and Dara will be leaving to shop before they go to the airport. When I came out of the room WITHOUT EVEN HAVING MY HAIR COMBED YET, I came across Dara. SRSLY. I was really embarrassed. I greeted her good morning, for the first and last time, and she greeted me back with a smile. Until today, I cannot believe I actually had the chance to exchange good mornings with Dara, and I did. I really did. It was awesome.

We passed through the backdoor of the hotel when we were already leaving for the airport. I was walking beside Boum the whole time, and she was acting…very Boum-ish the entire morning. She was too sleepy, but she’s munching on dried mangoes already. Boum unnie, wae U so adorable? 😐 :”> There were stairs, but she walked on the ramp, so the bouncers had to assist her down. I knew back then that I’ll never forget that moment ever. Experiencing Boum’s adorableness first hand, damn. I was blown away. Gosh these girls! THEY ARE INDEED THE BEST!

At the airport, though it’s a Sunday, fans still waited. 2NE1 went in; and to South Korea they flew back. Apple and I rode  in the van which the girls used during their whole stay in Manila. That was the same van Super Junior used when they came here for Super Show. Hmmm~ precious van is precious.


I’ve wanted to write all these down for so long, but it is just now that I finally had the time, and willing effort to reminisce them, again. They may not be as historical as the stories of my university, but this one is my real history. It is my story; an experience I’ve been blessed with. They will always make me proudly say; I was there.

– To Be Continued –

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


29 thoughts on “I was there…(Part 2)

    1. For internship or actual job? Either way I’m not so sure anymore. But maybe you can try sending in your application to Ms. Happee’s e-mail or sa official e-add ng Pulp (: Hope that helps (:

    1. Hi. I’m sorry but I’ve no particular tip to give. It was by chance that I got in sa Pulp. What happened back then when I applied was napansin lang ako nung isang employee noong paalis na ako ng office nila, and it just so happened that they were in need of extra people for the Summer Slam.

      But if you really want to have your OJT there, the most I can advice is submit your application (:

  1. I was kinda worried about my internship on summer. I know matagal pa pero excited at kabado ako.. I don’t know medyo oa na. Pero eto natingintingin na ako ng possible pwede mag-ojt. Good thing I found this blog. Thank you for posting this. I was considering pulp live pero ngayon eto na talaga goal ko :))
    And lucky you to experience all that. I wish I’ll have my fangirl moment too. :))

  2. hi! i want to ask who’s the HR department head of pulp live world? i also want to apply for internship this summer. thanks 🙂

  3. Hello Ate 😉 I am a Communication Arts Major from UPLB. It is really my dream to work or have my internship at PLW. I wonder if I can follow you in Twitter or in Facebook. I would like to ask some help or advice. I badly want to work there. Thank you very much. =D

    1. Hi, Bea! I’m sorry I’m replying to your message almost one year after. I was out of touch this time last year. 😦 Anyway, you’ve probably completed your internship already. I hope it went well. 🙂 I’m sorry I wasn’t even able to reply. 😦

  4. Hi, I’m a communication student and wanted to apply in pulp? What did you do as an intern there? Pulp is my dream company to do my ojt 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi, April! I’m sorry to you as well. this reply is so late. 😦 Most of what we did as interns during our time with PULP had to do with promotions and prod. We didn’t get much access to the more serious stuff, but it was fun nonetheless. And I really learned a lot from them. 🙂

      1. LOL, I just realized, the comment below this might be yours? Haha 🙂 So I was able to reply to the second one pala. 🙂 Sorry for the double! Hehe 🙂

  5. Hi, I am just wondering, what exactly is your job while you did this ojt? Pulp is my dream company and I really want to apply, I’m a communication student btw 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi, April! I was staff during my internship. The tasks we did back then (6 years ago!) were mostly related to promotions and prod, but we didn’t have much access to much more important stuff like artists management and client/sponsor meetings.

  6. Hi The Snowy Bunny! San po ang office ng Pulp Live World? 🙂 Naghahanap kasi ako ng company for ojt. And gustong gusto ko talaga sa pulp eh. Please help me! 🙏🙏

  7. omg!! haha im applying as intern at pulp!! i hope i get hired!! how many hours were you required to complete?

      1. Omg i got in!! Grabe ate ngayon may exam pa before interview and you have to pass it first para mainterview ka!! Parang cet siya thooo. I didnt know di ako prepared!! Buti na lang napasa ko amd pati na rin interview

  8. Hi , I’m sorry to ask this, but does Pulp pay for your internship? and wil they accept IT students po ba for OJT? thank you po 🙂

  9. Omg ate, you were so lucky that timeeee!!! Thank you for posting this. I was just searching on how was the ojt experience in pulp. And i opened your blog. While i was reading i feel like i was there too. I’ll be having an interview on thursday. I hope na makapasa po ako. Pulp na lang po pag -asa ko hihi😂 Tanong ko lang po, ano po trabaho nyo ngayon?

    1. Hi, Joan! 🙂 To be honest PULP was not in my list when I was searching for a company to apply an internship for. I only found their contact details and address a day before I actually walked in. So I guess it’s what you call meant-to-be. Paalis na ako ng office nila noon, then I was called by one of the employees and was asked if I could start right away, so ayun. 🙂 Anyway, God bless on your interview! Let’s hope for the best! 😉

      Right now I’m into digital marketing. 🙂

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