For three short days, I felt infinite.

We left 11:30 PM, ★ December 30  of last year. We were off to Nueva Ecija.

Long trip ahead!

At first I was hesitant, I was doubtful if we will enjoy New Year at the province. You know how quiet & remote & boring things can get outside the metro. So I wasn’t that excited about it. At least not until we stepped outside our house, called a cab, & rode our way (via Five Star bus) to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

★ December 31, 2011 

The trip took four hours. It was 3AM when we arrived at our destination. From where we climbed off the bus, we still had to take a tricycle for a 10-minute-worth drive. That was where the joyride to infinity begun.

It was 3 in the morning. Can you just imagine how cold the gentle blowing wind was? And the sky literally looked like this;

Just disregard the silhouettes.

My sister & I were like kids seeing the night sky for the first time. You will never get to see the sky the same way in Manila. Lights of the cities destroy the beauties from above.

But no matter how infinite we felt that moment, it had to end soon. We entered the house a little past three, & we ended up watching the Christina Aguilera documentary on channel E. Pittsburgh. Right. Queer as Folk always ring a bell. We went to bed at 5AM, slept in until 12NN, when we woke up, so much infinity came rushing. It felt like the faculties of my body weren’t enough to absorb all the good times December 31 brought.

We watched TVN’s Super MAMA Special, from 2007 until 2010. OT5 ❤. I fell for Rain (he was gorgeous hot). Mom watched with us too. The sky looked perfect, the music blended well, the temperature added a little more spice. It was all sweet. Can you tell how much I’m struggling right now to land the appropriate words to say? I have had so much, I’m finding it hard to describe through my limited vocabulary the endless wonder I have felt in the past three days.  Anyway, after the KPOP treat, we went to A&E Mall to buy gifts. We had a post-Christmas exchange gifts during New Year’s Eve. I did not want to come along since I was not really feeling well, but good thing I did. I know I bought the right gift to give. I never thought it can feel so good when you know that the gift you’re giving out is of use & great purpose.

★ January 01, 2012 

12 midnight came. Oh did I mention that every part of the house in the province has a speaker on? In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room. The biggest & loudest & best one is in the living room, it produces the greatest noise among ’em all. I was able to hear my own playlist in a very loud heart-pounding manner. I loved that. Again, I felt infinite. I hugged my niece for quite a while (as the others enjoyed the fireworks) because she was already sleepy. We gave our gifts. We laughed. We had a good time. I’m exemplary happy because I got this:

Sunnies from Gian

We slept 3AM. Good music played. The next thing I know, it’s already 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I went downstairs, had brunch. Shortly after, went out to do some biking. It’s been years since I last rode a bike, it felt wonderful that I’m good with balancing now. When I was a kid, I used to suck a lot at learning things like biking & skating. Scratches scared me to death. But then I realized, it is your lack of guts that’ll bring you harm & also, a good amount of boredom.

After some rounds, the family went to a river that was just around the corner. My uncle had a tricycle & lots of bikes so anywhere is practically accessible. I enjoyed watching my little nephew ride his own bike. He learned by himself. I adored him for that.

My nephew, Charles, biking along with his grandfather, Lolo Chris, to the riverside.

This river trip must be the greatest part of this New Year get away. The heat of the sun felt good, the touch of the flowing water was relaxing, the view, urgh, I’d die to see another of this sort.

My nieces independently walking their way down to the riverside.
This is me admiring the vast plantation.
It was quite hot that day. The amount of oil on my face just proves it.
My sister taking a picture of the breath-taking view of the Mt. Arayat.
The mandatory solo pose by the riverside.
Charles enjoying the waters
A family shot by the river.
The scenic view of Mt. Arayat. I’d love to get used to this!

First class cities sure have ways of making your jaw drop in awe, but nature has far better attacks. Once it gives you one, you will never get enough. These views are just as addicting as music & technologies are. We spent three hours admiring the whole place. We saw the sun set. We continuously felt the gentle wind blow through our senses. I know this will never pass again. If only moments like this can be preserved in your head.

Night time came & the last thing to do in Nueva Ecija is; experience the Minute Burger.

The morning music, the noon time stories, the night trips; all these comprised my one-of-a-kind New Year experience. Having the liberty to do exactly what you want to do for three days will definitely give you the feeling of infinity you’ve always wanted. The province may not offer you glamorous sites & high profile restaurants, but the feeling of being close to nature is something not even the best town in the country can give. Indeed, genuine beauty is found on places & things that are still untouched by man. Here, all we did was stand, walk, talk, breathe, laugh, live. And that was it. Living at its best.

★ January 02, 2012 

We went home, 4AM. & There Percy Jackson was, giving us a good dose of laugh-worth-jokes first thing in the morning.

2011 had been a great year, & I believe 2012 won’t be anything less. Have a happy new year ahead friends, & family! God bless us all 🙂

Love and peace to you,

The Snowy Bunny


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